Finally here, on the slopes...kind of

After a sleepless night (I slept with Ol who kept waking up insisting it was morning) and another three well-behaved hours in the car, we reached Nemacolin just before 11. The kids immediately went bananas about the snow and the fact that their room has a TV in it. A quick lunch and then we got them into boots and skis for their first lesson.Y'all, Candid Camera could not have written a funnier episode. The boots don't fit, oh my god mine aren't red, the wind is blowing too hard. T and I are so glad we are not the ones attempting to teach them to ski. We're watching from the lodge and I don't have great long-distance vision but I think the bunny bar lift bonked Jack in the head, knocking him down and his skis off. He is trying so hard but cannot stay up. Oliver is doing fine I believe. This is just priceless, y'all. Priceless! I am totally punchy but this is fun.