Well, friends, after nearly seven hours on the road in totally sub-par rainy/snowy precipitatory crap, we'd made it only a third of the way to our destination and had to turn around because so many roads were closed and the daylight was quickly evaporating. Back from whence we can nearly 40 miles to the first hotel we called that had availability. The kids were, by and large, extremely good so we went out to eat and are now trying our damnedest to get them to sleep. I feel really grateful to be safe and cozy and to be able to afford this random Plan B. That said, I do hope we reach our destination tomorrow as we were all disappointed to miss a full day today. Oh and the detergent spill of this morning was much more extensive that originally thought so that many of our groceries and goodies are irreparably soaped and both paper bags broke while being carried down the hall. Blarg!