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Emily as writer and editor

My area of expertise is editing. I’m a writer and editor who, in addition to having my own work published, has advised scores of high school and college students and professionals intent on returning to graduate study on crafting personal essays that best depict their academic interests and goals. My objective with students is to help them apply to schools where they will thrive and be happy. I also love editing resumes, cover letters, and larger bodies of work including essays and manuscripts.


Writing has changed and improved my life in countless ways. I believe deeply that any sort of writing, especially if creative and/or personal, is a portal into parts of ourselves that might otherwise remain unknown. Whether telling a college more about who you are as a young adult or a potential boss about why you are the perfect candidate for the job or readers about your fears and hopes and beliefs, you're coming to better understand and know yourself, and that is never a bad thing. To partner with others as they travel these roads is an honor.

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From initial brainstorming to polishing the last draft, I am happy to start working with students at any point during their essay writing process. It is my goal to foster a relaxed, thoughtful, productive atmosphere of trust in which students express themselves freely, and I learn what academic passions and extracurricular pursuits make them tick.

Most undergraduate and graduate school applications offer multiple opportunities for the student to make the paper personal. From short-answer responses to the primary essay, the written portions of school applications are great ways to make oneself known and engaging. I partner with each student and see myself as a supportive teammate on the road to polished applications that reflect the whole of the unique individual.


In addition to application essays, I take great pride in helping people craft powerful resumes and cover letters, and in polishing manuscripts of all size and shape. Most recently, I assisted an arts and development professional with a complete overhaul of her extensive resume and had the great fortune to edit a recently published memoir by a Civil Rights journalist.


Please visit Elucido: Make Your Written Work Shine for additional information on working with me.

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