Big day, satisfying dinner

Wow, did we pack a lot into a half day. After picking the boys up from their ski lesson, we changed, rested for the quickest of moments and headed to the live animal show (the boys and me) and a beer tasting (T). Afterwards, we rendezvoused for an early dinner for the boys and a glass of (much-the-eff-deserved) wine for me, then got ice cream, then a take-it dinner for the grown-ups and then raced home to bathe our dear but stinky kids and throw them into bed. First day out

Par for the course, one's in their bed, one in ours (to be moved) because they just couldn't keep feet/hands/etc to themselves, but they're zonked, and I'm not long for this world tonight either. We all ski tomorrow, and I'm quite looking forward to it. Though our dining has been a disappointment thus far, tonight's dinner was very satisfying! Lobster bisque, a fresh salad with beets/bleu/poached pears and some truffled mac and cheese. I was so freaking hungry so all this really tasted good.