Spontaneous visits with friends, dinner

You know when you meet someone and you nearly immediately think, "what a cool/fun/spunky/interesting/neat person! Boy would it be fun to know him/her better!"? Such is the case of friends of friends who I met through a fairly spontaneous girls' dinner and have stayed in touch with since, not least because she and her husband run a happy-cow farm as their second job (I loove the roasts I get from them!). Long story short, they swung by this evening to deliver two sirloin tip roasts, and we had such a fun, lovely visit despite the fact that they -on their way to a holiday party- looked smashing, and T and I -definitely staying in- are basically in our PJs. I love spontaneous visits with great people, and tonight was just that. After they left, T and I finished up dinner which was quite tasty. Perfectly browned chicken and this extremely pretty and festive rice. 















As I'm obsessively reading Gone Girl right now, I must bid you adieu until tomorrow.