Kudos/nodos, delish dinner on horizon

I would like to give an enormous shout-out to my husband because he saw one of my bras in the laundry basket and actually put it in the bra-washer to launder it. Say what? Amazing. Will wonders never cease?! I would like to call out, with utter disdain, the dudes I have seen lately blowing their noses out through the air. Do you know what I mean? No tissue, not even a sleeve (wretch; as if that's much better but it is more responsible or respectful to passersby). Unless you are in mile 25 of a marathon, you do NOT need to blow your nose crap out into the ether around you. Revolting. Go find a kleenex, hanky, leaf for god's sakes.

I made so many cookies today that my back aches now. Am I getting old? Whatever, a delicious dinner is on the horizon. A caramelized onion and rice dish studded with apricots, sour cherries, pistachios and pom seeds alongside some seared happy chicken. It smells so good, and at T minus four minutes, I am darn excited!