Gone Girl, parental irritation, hermit crabs

Today has been full, cold/rainy, at times unbelievably irritating and at other times great. My Oliver is one of my favorite people in the WHOLE world, but gawd did I want to run for the hills away from him about 50% of the time. Jesus H, people. He pushed every button I knew I had and some that were previously undiscovered. I cannot wait for him to go to bed and tomorrow to go to school. Right now, he's sitting on the floor cutting a shred of paper into a million pieces that I know he will raise cain about when I tell him to clean up, and after a long, protracted cry-fest, he'll pick up two pieces, wipe his nose on me and I'll finally call it a day, dustbuster them up and just be ever that much more tired. Good lord, three year olds. I'm getting older just thinking about this situation. It's a miracle that I do not yet have gray hairs. This morning, as a reward for a deal made two years ago, we set up a hermit crab terrarium for Jack in his room. Jerry and Max (seriously? these are the crab's names?) are, at present, nestled in their sphagnum-filled cave in complete camouflage, apparently acclimating to their new habitat which, I simply must say, is infinitely nicer than their previous home at PetSmart. We can hope they'll live a happy life in J's room; at least their voiding will be contained and, as such, not require some ridiculous pet diaper. As an aside, Percy had to wear his diaper all day. We think he needs to be adorned with a scarlet P, and not for pug.

Have y'all read Gone Girl? Swear to god, I can't put it down. 200+ pages since Friday. How I've gotten anything else done is beyond me but I love immersing myself in a good book. What's for dinner? I don't know, but I am going to make some more holiday goodies ASAP. Hmm....more later.