More Bolognese, college

I just spent a lovely few hours helping a young friend with a college application. College admissions was my career before the boys, and I'm still really lucky to be able to freelance for my old (wonderful) institution of higher education, and on rare occasions, to give advice to anxious kids slogging their way through the gauntlet that the admissions process can sometimes feel like. College was such a huge, watershed, thrilling, scary, perfect and not four years for me. I met some of the people who remain most dearest to me, had some of the good and bad experiences from which I learned a tremendous amount about life, myself and the world, and figured out what really made me tick academically. Let me tell you that it wasn't what I was sure I'd study when I arrived at college, and amen for that. (No pun intended as I ended up majoring in Religion). Anyway, I now love to watch kids on the precipice of this great life change and experience, love helping them best articulate who they are and hope to be. It's exciting and fulfilling, and I feel really lucky for this afternoon- a great way to spend a gross weather day!

I also felt that we must have more Bolognese and boy does it smell to the nines. Off to get my parents.