Bill Maher's panel last night, roasted veggies, Bolognese

Wow! Did anyone see the Real Time with Bill Maher from last night? I have never seen such an intensely intense panel. You had Cornel West and Michael Ware on one side, and they were such a mutual admiration society I thought they might move in together after the show. Don't get me wrong; I'm a big fan of them both. Michael Ware is not only a brilliant journalist, but also has been kidnapped at least six times, has a fantastic Aussie accent and suffers no fools. And Cornel- I mean who can get enough of his "uniform"? He's such a dynamo. He, too, has no tolerance for stupid BS. At the end, on the other side, emerged Ron Christie, an insufferably smug fellow (literally, in academic speak) from the Kennedy School. He was so full of BS about the fabric of America and how invading Iraq was just so gosh-darn justified that I, T, and certainly and vociferously Ware and West, could hardly bear to listen to him. Everything about him was dissonant. I thought Michael was going to leave, and Cornel's head might blow off. I'm also not sure I've ever seen Bill in the role of slightly nervous referee- the whole thing was fabulous. Oh, and dinner was fabulous too. You can't go wrong with hearty pasta and roasted veggies. I did the asparagus with just EVOO and salt but dressed the yams/onions/garlic/kohlrabi/apple mixture with Aleppo chile, EVOO, honey, and salt. Delish!

If you do not already roast apples and yams together, do. Fab!