My parents are coming, cabbage recipe posted, loving fall foods

Everything has been so good lately. Yum. I just love roasting foods- their flavors come out in such delicious, earthy ways, and you can make roasting all fancy and complex or as basic and simple as a hot oven, a food, and some olive oil or butter and salt. Go for it! I just posted my braised spiced cabbage recipe from last night as it was equally delicious today, cold, at lunch, served atop rye crackers and hummus for an impromptu cracker crostini. Lovely!

And we are all excited that my parents are on their way, coming for a quick Halloween with the boys. Poppy is gamely dressing as a cowboy alongside Jack (though he doesn't yet know that J and I decided that Percy will be the cow-dog who was lassoed into trick-or-treating), while Misse is going to be Professor McGonagall. I wish Halloween inspired me, but it doesn't. Ah well.