Dinner for 1 (or 2?)

T had a cocktail-based event that started at 5. I'm not sure when or in what state he'll be home, but in any case, I felt like a delicious dinner. Made enough for us both but will otherwise enjoy this solo. Presently, I'm enjoying these quick-seared pea tendrils with lemon, EVOO, salt and red pepper and a cold glass of Rosé as an app. Actually, there won't be any of the tendrils left as I'm devouring, but...the early bird catches the worm. Anyway, how fab does this half pollo rosso look?! It's really hot and humid tonight, and in thinking about what to do with this gorgeous find from the farmers market, I thought: BBQ! So, I rubbed the bird with some Bone Suckin' sauce (seriously, my fave BBQ sauce when I'm not in the mood to make my own) and grilled/smoked him at about 350 for a while. Gorgeous!

I'm also making an endive/zucchini/peach/goat cheese salad and am pretty psyched about it too.

I also meandered around the yard and got some gorgeous shots. Doesn't everything look healthy and verdant? And, BTW, that spinosad worked wonders on the kale-chomping worms. None to be seen and no holes in my greens' leaves either.