Doing too many things at once? I look back over yesterday, I realize just how deeply into the sprint of productivity I really was. Damnation! I ended up tasting and enjoying one of those tartlets so brought the rest, packed cozily in a strong Pyrex dish, to a faculty meeting. Oliver fell asleep in the car on our way there and I tried to get him out of his carseat without waking him. Success. But in my attempt to then get my purse and the tarts, a strap caught the lip of the Pyrex lid and the whole thing went crashing, smashing to the ground. Large shards and paper-thin slivers of glass spattered the asphalt like crystals, and in the midst of all the mess lay my tarts, sad and ruined. Boo! After getting the boys to bed last night, I fixed dinner and canned the rose jelly concurrently. Everything looked and tasted just lovely, however, when I woke this morning and checked the jars, I found that the jam had not set one bit. Hermetically sealed rose soup was what I'd ended up with. Shit. So, I just redid them all -such a waste of time and canning materials, but ah well; will hope for gelling!

Suffice it to say that I believe I was attempting to do too many things simultaneously.

I have a sneaking mom suspicion that Oliver is getting sick: he isn't eating like a starving chow-hound and was willing to nap, so you can imagine why I might suspect ill play. Boo again.

At least the sun is (mostly) out!