I am excited to find in today's NYT Dining section, a lengthy review and the story behind Zahav, an incredible Israeli restaurant in Philadelphia. If you live in Philly and have not been to Zahav, make a reservation stat. Same goes to anyone who will be visiting Philly in the near future.The chef, Michael Solomonov cooked at another fine Philly restaurant, Vetri, for a while, but after his brother (an Israeli army soldier) was killed by snipers, Solomonov and a backer opened Zahav as a tribute to and means of highlighting food native to the land as well as that brought in by immigrants. T and I ate there in 2009, and were blown away. Philly is one of the best restaurant towns in the U.S. anyway, but Zahav really stands out even in the context. Check today's paper for the recipes provided.