Late afternoon psychosis -not me!-, dresses to Half the Sky, desirous of wine

Hells eldest son just morphed into a raving lunatic just as I answered the phone and was giving Verizon a real piece of my mind. I think the fact that I'm so hoarse and stopped up that I sound like a man really helped the FiOS guy take me seriously. J was going on so ridiculously that I actually had to ask the guy to call me back. We had just returned from an art-supplies date, and almost immediately I had to take them away due to psychotic in-fighting. Really burst the loving family experience bubble I was in. I finally got J to his room and was about to put dinner on the table for Oliver when he said with a look of great concern, "I feel sick, Mom. My bottom hurts." So we haul ass back upstairs and make it to his potty just in time. I tried to praise him endlessly while simultaneously trying not to look as my queasy stomach was lurching a bit. Ultimately, he seemed quite proud, and hopefully this will start a keep-the-potty-training-going-in-a-more-advanced-direction trend. Now they're chowing down; hopefully feeling sated will preclude any additional meltdowns before bedtime. If you think I am not wishing in a big effing way that I could have a glass of wine tonight, you are wrong. However, I am fully aware that this would be an unwise decision due to the previously described nasty-ass sinus infection that is currently plaguing me. Sigh.

I did get my dresses mailed off to Nick Kristof's Half the Sky repository, so if you do want to send anything to Jane, here's the address: Half the Sky, c/o Show of Force, 430 East 10th Street, Suite 3A; New York, NY 10009 If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, Jane is a Kenyan woman about whom Kristof recently wrote. She was a prostitute for 5 years after her husband left her homeless and with young children. Then she came upon an anti-poverty organization and with their guidance and support has now started a sewing business that has enabled her to buy a home for her and her children and send them all to school. Click this link for additional information about this inspiring story.