So, so tired

My dear hubbie let me sleep in the basement until 8am this morning and then brought me coffee. It was such an incredible treat. He is leaving town first thing tomorrow morning until Wednesday and then has to leave early Thursday morning and then I am taking the dreaded trip to Louisiana alone with the boys (not dreading the visit, just the actual travel, let me be clear) on Friday. So, long point short, I think I definitely deserved the good night’s sleep but appreciate it nonetheless.

The zen I felt upon waking was quashed not too terribly long afterwards though by the sheer amount of talking, bouncing, singing, jumping, questioning, brainstorming aloud and pleading that commenced immediately and did not let up one iota until we got in the car several hours later, Oliver fell asleep and we put a story-on-tape on for Jack. Seriously, by this point I was having heart palpitations due to the energy required to make it though the gauntlet that is a morning with the kids, especially #1.

Thank god we were headed to Annapolis for a birthday party on a pirate ship. It was great fun, and J was so pooped on the drive home that he looked gaga and hardly uttered a word. Because I will not see my DH much for the next 10 days, I had the foresight to schedule a sitter this afternoon from 4 to bedtime (cheers to my kids for going to sleep before 6:30). DH is sleeping now but perhaps we’ll actually get to have a convo tonight.

Extremely long point short is that I don’t suspect either of us have the energy for or interest in cooking tonight. Thus, I won’t have anything for you today. Tomorrow I intend to make a delicious middle eastern carrot-raisin salad though; do you know Claudia Roden? She wrote one of our favorite cookbooks, The New Book of Middle Eastern Food, from which this incredibly easy and good recipe hails. I’ll post that recipe at some point.

Off to attempt to read an article before joining T in the great snore fest he has going on.