A couple of things...

One: Did anyone watch Bill Maher on or from Friday night? Melissa Harris-Perry, a Tulane prof and writer for The Nation was a panelist and is one of my new favorite people. What a smart, sassy, awesome woman! Wow!

Two: Why did I used to be so anti-nap?

Three: I love my compost salads. Tonight’s was so nice, so healthful and satisfying. Have y’all gotten into these at all?

Four: although I felt every ounce of the overwhelmed exhaustion I wrote about earlier, I know too that I will someday look so forward to the time my boys still want to spend with me. Did anyone read this article today: http://travel.nytimes.com/2011/06/05/travel/dominique-browning-on-a-train-trip-with-her-two-grown-sons.html?ref=travel
     4a: My biggest fear about having boys and the thing I most hope doesn’t come true is that they stop calling or wanting to spend time with me once they’re in college or beyond. T never calls his mom, and I will be crushed if such is the case with J & O.
     4b: If that happens (IT WON’T IF I CAN HELP IT!) and if it doesn’t, this trip sounds neat.

As Jack would tell me, four things is NOT a couple, so I guess in literal terms my title is incorrect but alas… :)