Obviously that was the calm before the storm

Ok, I am taking a breather from the bath which was hilariously insane. Oliver drank as much bath water as he could (disgusting) in between my saying repeatedly, “Oliver please stop drinking that dirty bath water.” Then he started spitting it on Jack, who then started singing “rise up so early in the morn” while, to the beat and time, lifting his pelvis out of the water. I’m sure you get my drift there.

I got Oliver out and said, “why do y’all talk about poop and penises so much?” He said, very matter of fact, “like it.” I asked why and he said, “funny!” and burst into hysterics. That’s really the answer I guess. I cannot imagine little girls having these conversations and doing these things. This is not how I recall my early childhood baths but then again, I don’t really recall said baths at all. El?

Ok, apparently the contents of a large canister of mixed nuts are all over Jack’s floor so gotta boogie back to insanity…