So this is what it must be like...

The boys are playing together outside, and I have managed to get the yogurt marinade made and onto the chicken. I have not been interrupted once. This is truly amazing, people. Is this what it’s going to be like as the boys get older? Granted, they are sawing, hammering and so forth on the deck which is being demolished tomorrow and henceforth, no tools will be allowed on the deck, and the poop talk has returned in full force. Oliver keeps saying “me I did, workin’ hard, workin’ weelwee (really) hard” while Jack keeps saying, “Mom look what Oliver did.” But they are acting as totally independent youths. AMAZING! LIBERATING!

So, my dinner plans, in their entirety!, will actually come together with this extra time. I’m about to grate and salt my zucchini so it can drain for a while. Will do the flatbreads last, after the boys are in bed. Whee!

Do y’all read the Science section of the Tuesday NYTimes? Love it! And tomorrow is Dining. Do we have sun in our future? What is happening in Libya? Japan? I gotta get current. Ok, off to grate!