Incredibly dear TG story

After our feast, we took a family walk all through our neighborhood. Jack was in full cowboy regalia- bandana, boots, hat, the works- and decided that he was not only walking the range but "owling." I knew that up the hill and around the corner was a fake owl perched on someone's chimney; it's extremely realistic and fooled me repeatedly until I spent a long while one day staring at it just daring it to move.  Anyway, I said, "keep calling the owls, Jack, and maybe we'll see one." So he's making a sound which was more like a coyote/rooster combo but whatever, he was very diligent and darling about it all.  As we approached the house, I said, "let's turn right here;" we rounded the corner, he hooted, and I said, "oh my gosh, honey, look!" He peered up at the chimney and saw the owl. It was pure magic. He could not believe that he had summoned this owl, and we made a big to-do about it. His face was priceless, and I hope I'll remember it forever. Of course Oliver said, somewhat under his breath, "that owl is a statue." Fortunately, Jack did not hear that and we did not verify.  For the rest of the walk, Jack kept exclaiming, "can you believe I called that owl?"  It was absolutely darling and so special. Oliver finally said, "You do make a good owl sound, Jack."  Hilarious.~~ PS- the pecan-oatmeal pie is insanely good. T says it's my best ever.