The day after

I have to say that we all managed to not overeat yesterday and thus today, eating the same meal as an A+ leftover was a treat. There is but a wisp of the blackberry pie left which I hid away for ME at a later time. The pecan pie is about 60% decimated; though I love my pecan pies, I'm always glad when they're gone. Whoa! Last night, after the kids were asleep, I gave a final thanks to our TG bird and made turkey stock from all that was left of him. It smells delicious, and I'm considering a lovely soup for dinner. As I never got around to making the Brussels sprouts salad for us, I might also do that for a pretty, green side.

Do y'all find the crazy-people Black Friday shopping as depressing as do I? Did y'all hear about the woman who pepper sprayed all those around her to keep them away from whatever she was hoarding? So sad. Look at all those around us who have NOTHING, and then you see these people turn into self-focused wingnuts because of an average sale on plastic items?! AAH!

It is a beautiful, unseasonably warm day here in DC. We went to the nursery this morning and then to the park. Not sure what's on tap for the afternoon. Jack wants me to consider making another blackberry pie. Perhaps.