Oh, bah!

Well, it appears I have walking pneumonia, and really, I couldn't be less excited about that. I am glad I went to the doctor and that I now have a good supply of Levoquin, but I am not happy to feel like such a heap of crud. While at her office, I asked about a sore spot on my foot that's been noticeable for months. Ten minutes later, I found myself in the X-ray room; during that procedure, the technician asked if I had a cold and when I said, "no actually, walking pneumonia," she exclaimed, "oh my gosh, I know people who have died from that." Find and use your filter, honey! I'm sure the foot thing is nothing, but seriously, people. I'm not getting that old, that quickly, am I? Naturally Tom left for NY this morning.

As such, I wish to send a virtual shout-out (since I really have no voice) to my in-laws who are so kindly and enthusiastically picking the boys up at camp and then keeping them overnight. I am a lucky and appreciative girl.

Back to my hot water/lemon/honey concoction.