Still on the couch: in the news

See? I am behaving myself; though Percy needs a walk, I have not taken him. Except for getting a beautiful pot of lemony, leeky chicken soup simmering away in my trusty Staub (it smells amazing!), I've stayed put on the couch, reading. It is so quiet here without my little guys. They came over after camp to pick up the overnight bag I'd packed and fixings for tomorrow's lunches, and then they headed off to Camp Grandma. They are just the cutest little bugs. Anyway, I've been reading and came across this shocking-to-me stat:

"In a new study conducted by Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, researchers found that 84 percent of parents of children between the ages of 2 and 11 have taken their children to eat at a fast-food restaurant in the past seven days." -the current Washington Parent

And just in case you've stopped being depressed about the meat industry in the U.S., please review this article recently posted on Grist. Bottom line is that the USDA instated a rule that meat be labeled with its country of origin and slaughter and a number of importers/packers/grocers/etc want that overturned. When people aren't proud of telling you about where the food they sell you comes from or what's in it, that's scary because there's a reason for their opacity.