I don't wanna...

I do not want to go to Italian class tonight. I don't, I don't, I don't. If the cat and I weren't hiding from the kids and babysitter in the basement bedroom, I might be stomping my feet in emphasis. I'm starting to believe that my age prohibits me from happily doing more than evening event per week: by 6:30 most nights, I just wanna be in my elastic-waist pajama pants, cooking and thinking about sitting on the couch with T later. I do not much want to be thinking about RE-applying make-up and, in this instance, speaking in a foreign tongue for two hours whilst sitting on a hard folding chair in front of a white board. I was happy to find leftover quinoa and carrots from Monday shoved towards the way-back of the fridge today. Ol and I were getting things ready to make pickled, gingered carrots, but we paused for lunch and I found that delicious dish. It was just as good, maybe better as are many things, as it was two days whence. Can you use whence in that manner? I'm not completely sure, but I'm going to as in interesting variation on 'ago.'

We spent the morning at the orthodontist because Mr. J is to get a palate expander installed in his mini-mouth in two weeks (does he talk so much because he's got a subconscious Napoleon complex about small jaws? Hmm....) For whatever reason, he feels that everything about the orthodontist is awesome, particularly when they made impressions of his teeth. Now, I don't know about you, but I think having a tray of cold, chalky, gelatinous, oddly amorphic mush shoved into my too-small-for-it mouth just blows. But Jack thought it was "awesome". All three times. But really, that's awesome for me too, so yay. Great spirit!

I am definitely ready for school to begin. I was ready last week. However, I have totally rallied and have been patient, stern when appropriate, fun, hands-on, and all that jazz. And it's been largely nice. And then today post-ortho glee, it's been a real challenge not to loudly beseech the boys to STOP talking and "go outside and play in the traffic" as my mother used to say sarcastically when my sister and I were on her last nerve. In case you're wondering, school does not begin until September 3 which feels awfully long away but is infinitely better than September 9 which is when a friend of mine's kids go back. That would be blowing my mind in a terrifying way right now.

To Italian I guess.