But I'm glad I did.

As it turned out, I was the only student to show up tonight so class was actually a private Italian tutorial. Bene, bene! I was so happy for that opportunity as well as that I'd have felt awful if our teacher had been stranded. So it just goes to show that often, making myself boogie out to something is worthwhile. Plus, class is at the Friends Meeting House on Florida Ave (DC, non-DCers), and being in a peaceful Quaker environment periodically this summer has been a lovely reminder of how happy I am that the boys attend a Friends school. I was especially glad of this when I heard from the babysitter that during a bike ride with the kids, they told her an insane story of a neighbor in a nearby cul de sac who had tried to put nails in our car tires and so they needed to put one in his/hers. None of that is remotely true, and how two little honeys who biked by a lone nail and then created an epic tall tale about good and evil and vengeance and so forth is really quite a testament to their imaginations as well as the need to put their Quaker hats back on pronto. The babysitter, per wisdom and to her credit, did not believe a word they said; she did find them adorable. And that is the good thing about good babysitters dealing with childly BS.

A complete aside: aren't these pickled gingered carrots lovely? I will be selling these (and so many more items) at the Circle Yoga Arts Market on 9/7. Check my calendar if you need additional info. And do come!