We went out to a family lunch today, and next door was a pet store. After we ate, we headed over to visit and play with the cats there, and while there T came across this product which swears efficacy for dogs who mark their territory or who are in estrus. As Percy continues to pee in our basement not infrequently (he's still depressed about the children I think; yes, it's been 5.5 years), we decided to try this on for size, so to speak. Do y'all think he feels emasculated to the max? I'm at the point that I'll try anything to rid our home of the spray and smell, and this is absolutely hilarious to look at. On our way from the pet store to the car, we overheard a nasty fight going on between two other drivers- one was parked, one was waiting for their spot. At one point the parked driver screamed something and added as the final insult, "you Maryland driver." It was absolutely hysterical.