Cool experience, weird warmth apparently soon to pass

Friends, I was, for a short time today, able to comfortably wear just a tank top (and pants of course, good grief). I felt warmth on my arms, basked in the experience of a warm versus bone-chilling breeze. Apparently, it was a complete fluke that is soon to give way to Arctic temperatures but I enjoyed every single minute of it. Aah! You may recall how enthusiastic I am about Ripple, the restaurant here in D.C. which I frequent as often as I can and by which I'm always left inspired and wanting just one more bite. Today I got to interview Ripple's chef, Logan Cox, who is the nicest guy. It was really interesting to learn more about him, his career and influential experiences along the way. MOST unfortunately, he's moving West in March so Ripple co-fans, get your reservations for February now. I know I have mine. He did seem positive that his replacement will be excellent, and as he's integrally involved in the hiring process, I'm going to take that as word. Too, once I've completed my post-interview article, I'll share it with you!

I have an enormous amount of cooking to do before Saturday so bear with me if I lose a bit of blogging steam in the next couple days. I will do my best, and as always, thank you for reading!