A grand exhale

Just when I thought I'd nothing left, today's finish line rushed up against me, my chest splitting the rope as I crossed through with a winning exhale. The babysitter's arrival meant I could finally punch my card. Off the clock! I've done as little as possible since 3:30, refusing to get out of bed until about 20 minutes ago. Now, I'm on the deck with a crossword puzzle, surrounded by the remnants of a gorgeous (yet still way too chilly) spring day. 20130425-181855.jpg Nutmeg is attached to four leashes hooked together into a long chain, prowling the yard and hunting anything that moves. I feel rather like an ass having a cat on a leash(es), but the adoption center made us promise to keep him as an indoor pet, and Isure don't want to have to be the one to inform the kids that Nutty is no longer with us.

20130425-182147.jpg You know?!