Profoundly peevish

Friends, I am fully peeved out today. It began when I was awakened by the children dragging a large cushion onto our bedroom floor, crouching on it, and "driving" this "snow scooter" with wild and loud abandon. At one point, they came to a screeching halt, grabbed an Etch-a-Sketch (now their control panel), and, per Oliver's mandate, each took charge of a dial. The race continued at a fever pitch. It was not yet 6:25am. The loving part of me could appreciate both their imaginations and cuteness but the tired mommy part of me wished only that hubs -just returned from his trip- would spirit them out of the room for breakfast, leaving me alone to catch a few extra winks. Har. I got up, as DH read on his phone (grr), and quickly decided that as his mind-reading capabilities were at Complete Failure I'd suggest to him that he get the flip out of bed because which one of us hasn't been out of town in a fancy hotel room since Tuesday?

Breakfast, carpool, yada, yada, and then to the derm. Now, I love my derm. She's a hoot, and I always enjoy seeing her. But, as with most docs, there is always a seemingly inexplicable stint in the waiting room as truly awful music plays too loudly and you look, baffled, at the large assortment of magazines that no one wants to read right there for your reading pleasure. Who makes the music and mag decisions in these offices? And the icing on the cake is always the horrendously pukey wall color made even worse by a (usually complete) lack of windows. Pepto mauve for your own home anyone?

When I was ushered back into yet another waiting room, the sweet gal accompanying me took all of three seconds to begin telling me her story. Too many people are rude (there are some real buttheads out there) and she's taking motivational classes to learn how to strengthen herself. I learned about several recent grievances (and truly, I'm sorry she's had these bad encounters) and inwardly thought, I just want to be quiet.

It's a bit of a bummer when you know, at 10:30am, that the quiet time you might enjoy in a dim exam room is your best chance for such time until Monday. Ultimately, all was fine, she definitely seemed in need of some venting but I was left, again, with my sense of self being largely this.


Fortunately, Oliver has managed to stay at school today, so I've enjoyed a bit of post-derm downtime and a completely hilarious email exchange with some foodie pals. Hmph!