2 funny tales

On the way to school this morning, I told the boys that I was looking forward to hearing a presentation, right after drop-off, about child development given by the principal and school nurse and psychologists. The kids know all these women but are especially enamored with the youngest one. They've not seen her for about six months and Oliver said, "I wonder what she looks like now?" Jack replied, with a real WTF tone by the way, "Oliver, it's not been that long. I think she probably looks the same."

Oliver said, "Well, what if she got old and is now wearing a jacket with cheetah spots and using a cane?"

Swear to god y'all I almost drove off the road laughing. What a visual! What an imagination!


Monday afternoon, I was at the market buying groceries and wine. I flashed my ID to the checker who laughed and said, "Oh, I don't need that. We only ask for ID if people look younger than 30."

I thought to myself, "Ok, I know I'm wiped out and just had a brief chair massage so probably have that lunatic imprint my face, but seriously dude."

Flash forward to today when the FedEx guy delivers two bottles of wine (yes we like wine) and said, "Are you at least 30 years old?"

"Yes I am, and thank you for asking!" I said.

What a difference some sleep and a hair dryer can make!