So much good food

Yesterday was a celebration of vegetables, as I was knee-deep in fresh ones and needed to start clearing a path in the fridge. I made a Hakurei turnip, celery root, leek mash with ricotta and parmesan as well as a pan of roasted Romanesco broccoli in a mint-lime olive oil drizzle. Nothing to write home about but solid, comforting and healthy nonetheless. I admit that T made a turkey sandwich to go alongside. Whatever!

Isn't that a striking vegetable? Each floret makes me think of the golden mean in brassica form. Spectacular.

The veggie hash reminded me of best-case mashed potatoes.

Tonight we enjoyed the short rib ragu that I made in NM (and have often cooked) and love. I never serve mine on polenta, but rather a wide noodle like pappardelle or, tonight, mafaldine, another ribbon-type pasta.