Raspberry Zingers!

It was an enormous delight to have the many necessary hours it took, to make these treats from start to finish. Raspberry Zingers, a blast from my childhood past. If you were not a Zingers fan, you won't recall that they came three-to-a-pack, in cellophane packaging, a puff of air inside as if to keep them fresh. Alas no. Zingers are a prime example of not-food food, all chemicals and food science and weird crap mixed together into an oddly pleasing way, and thus, they never age or expire. Produced by Hostess, Zingers were the treat I chose at gas station convenience stores, Walmart or the like when Mom approved this nutritionally barren snack and/or we were on the very long drive to see family in Georgia and so it was anything goes at pit-stops. In essence, Zingers are souped-up Twinkies.  I loved their unnatural ruby-colored hue, the raspberry glaze and the shower of coconut snow on top. The cream filling provided a wonderful textural contrast to the sponge cake surrounding it, and that vessel provided a bit of a foil to the seriously sweet toppings.

Recently, the Food 52 contest was Your Best Road Trip Snack which, for the first time in a few years, brought Zingers to mind. A serious yen stuck like a thorn in my side, and so I researched making them at home, so as to avoid the processed horrors that are their industrially-manufactured counterparts. I soon came across Classic Snacks Made From Scratch by Casey Barber and happily found a recipe for Raspberry Zingers on page 55.

My excitement mounted, and yesterday I bought a Fat Daddio's canoe pan, aka Crème Snack Cake Pan, at Sur La Table, and made sure I had all the necessary ingredients and supplies.

This morning, you know what happened. I jumped right in, and these took me about four hours. I had a ball but I must say I won't be whipping these up on just any old day in the future; four hours is a substantial block of time. But what an indulgent joy to simply be able to start and finish a project, especially one that evokes such fun and sensory memories. I've got 17 of these puppies and don't plan to share them with just anyone.

Et voilà!

homemade raspberry zingers