An all-around tasty day

I have just tasted my first zinger, and wow, it is so good. It's as childishly sweet as I remember but the homemade elements give it just enough seriousness to make it a real dessert. It is abundantly clear that I cannot, however, eat 16 more of these, so if you're local, raise your hand so I can share! The children and I had a seriously rough afternoon, and I have spent the afternoon musing over the pain of feeling disappointed. It sucks, plain and simple. In any case, it seemed a good dinner would help things, so I made a mozzarella/tomato/basil chopped salad, roasted some potatoes from Sunday's farmers market, grilled some chicken and made a rhubarb/bay leaf/juniper berry/balsamic sauce to go with it. It was all so simple and good, flavorful in elemental rather than overwrought ways. Here's to your own good dinner and to a smoother tomorrow.