Ol is almost 4, spag and meatballs, local deals

Today's One Day Deal at participating Whole Foods is: Kerrygold Kilaree Cheddar: "St. Patrick's Day approved! Rich and creamy and full of flavor. Hand-selected and aged 15 months exclusively for Whole Foods Market."

Reg. $10.99/lb, today: $5.99/lb

And, for DC-area folks looking to springify their yards, American Plant is offering pansy market baskets (8 plants per) for $11.24, a 25% savings. ~~~~ My baby is almost four. Yep, Ol, my dearest shamrock, turns four this Sunday. Hard to believe in some ways as I so clearly remember the day he was born. He came two weeks early (best gift ever), and on that Tuesday morning, Jack and I were snuggled on the couch reading. Well, as best you can snuggle with a 38-week pregnant woman. Anyway, my water broke surprising us both, and I remember Jack asking, "Mommy, did you just tee-tee?" Hah. I'd had a funny feeling all morning: had emailed two friends to ask if they'd keep their phones handy; and had told Tom, who had a meeting about 45 minutes away, to keep his phone on and answerable. In fact, I'd been nesting like a loon for the four days prior as well. I detest ironing, told Tom when we married that I didn't do it and didn't intend to. Yet, over the weekend before Oliver was born, I felt compelled to iron our guest room duvet cover. You couldn't have stopped me from doing so if you'd tried.

Anyway, my little guy came along that afternoon, and I've been wildly in love with him ever since, as has been my experience with Jack. Boys are exhausting, but man do they love their mothers. I think they'd reattach, umbilically, if they could. It's a little intense at times but you never doubt your connection, at least I don't. So, as T and I hosted a little celebration after Shabbat today at O's school, and I finish up Wonder Woman piñata party favors and get ready to make a Wonder Woman cake and Hello, Kitty! cupcakes (they are Ol's crushes) for Sunday, I'm feeling terribly thankful that I have such a happy reason to do so. ~~~~

As a complete aside, if y'all have not made the perfect spaghetti and meatballs recipe I have posted in the Entrees section, you really must. Each and every time I eat them, I am struck anew with just how ludicrously good they are. Thawed some for dinner last night and was real glad.

spaghetti and meatballs, best in the world


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