Whole Foods One Day Deal, funny story, misc

Tomorrow's One Day Deal at participating Whole Foods is a good one: Parm (as in -igiano Reggiano), aged at least 24 months, will be on sale for $9.99/pound versus the usual $19.99/pound. Between friends, I'd buy a few wedges and just keep them in the back of your cheese drawer. This stuff saves forever and is good in SO many ways. I spent the day unsubscribing from various websites and listservs. Honestly, it's all just too much. I love the environment and 99% of animals, but I simply cannot save it and them all and so left several orgs whose emails, in truth, I never read. A real political junkie, I am, nonetheless, bored and disgusted as get-out with our Congress; they set and/or break records for inaction, self-absorption and complete ineptitude on a daily basis these days. So, a few of those groups lost me too. And seriously Angie's List?! Let me go! I don't want to get emails from you anymore. So, I set you as spam today because you refused to honor my request. Boo!

Earlier today, I finished up a big piece of writing- thrilling but bittersweet. When I completed my honors thesis senior year of college, I felt the same way: ecstatic to have it done and simultaneously aware of just how much I'd miss it.

Tonight we're having spaghetti alle vongole -T is making it for me!- and I gotsta be honest, I'm hitting the sack not long afterwards. Lots of cooking to do tomorrow!

As a parting gift, I leave you with a story from one of my best pals: her youngest child, a daughter, is equal parts precious and feisty. My friend and I often commiserate about all that is in store for us as parents of her sweet cha-cha and my Animal House-Oliver. In any case, during bathtime my friend asks her daughter, who is all up in her (own) private parts, "What are you doing?" Little one replies, "There are adventures in there!"

Ain't that the damn truth! Hah!