Friendships, pies, and all that jazz

This morning, I called to the boys to feed Percy but didn't receive an answer or even an acknowledgment. As Tom was soon heading to Boston, I suggested he get up, feed Percy and investigate. Shortly thereafter, Jack jumped in to bed with me, and said "Don't worry, Mom, we weren't brought home by the FBI today. We were just downstairs." I suppose we've reached the humor phase of this story. ;) Later, as we arrived at school, the boys told me that I could walk in with them but once we'd reach the doors, I had to walk behind them. It was made very clear that it seem to everyone that Jack was the one accompanying Oliver to his classroom; I was simply there to get something from a teacher (a truth). I wasn't the least bit offended by this command. On the contrary I thought it was darling and a laudatory bit of independence from both kiddos. I suspect that from here on out, walking either of them to class will be a rarity. I'm just glad they still hold my hands on neighborhood strolls and snuggle with me in bed when we're reading.

Back home, I started in on a major day of cooking: granola; vegan walnut-date scones; pecan-oatmeal pies; and a coffee cake. The phone rang: a friend who'd just received bad news about someone very special to her family. Come over, come over, I implored (you know people never want to be a bother; even though most of the time they're not!), and she did. We'd been wanting to get together anyway, and the spontaneity of what turned into a long visit and lunch of divine kale salads was a special treat that I hope in some small way helped offset her sadness.

I love happenstance times like these. You're there, I'm there, perhaps there is a need, even if just a simple one of wanting to catch up. In the stormy whirl of life, somehow a clear path opens, a calm in the storm you can and do take advantage of. I always leave these moments with such a light and happy heart, rejuvenated in the purest of ways.

Meanwhile, the baking continued, and I've gotten quite a bit of my list crossed through. After my pal left, Percy and I went for a walk; it's a beautiful pre-fall day, and people just seemed to be in good moods. I saw Joe, our UPS man, and the friendly security guard at the bank to whom I always talk. That sense of community that grounds and sustains me felt abundant, and I am grateful.