Who knew how gross Komodos are? Awesome ragu.

A new fascination for Jack and Ol is the Gila monster. In attempting to stay smarter than are they, I did a bit of research on Gilas this evening and, perhaps naturally, ended up reading about Komodo dragons. People, they are revolting animals. Just read through this passage from Wikipedia: Komodo dragons eat by tearing large chunks of flesh and swallowing them whole while holding the carcass down with their forelegs. For smaller prey up to the size of a goat, their loosely articulated jaws, flexible skulls, and expandable stomachs allow them to swallow prey whole. Copious amounts of red saliva the Komodo dragons produce help to lubricate the food, but swallowing is still a long process (15–20 minutes to swallow a goat). A Komodo dragon may attempt to speed up the process by ramming the carcass against a tree to force it down its throat, sometimes ramming so forcefully, the tree is knocked down.To prevent itself from suffocating while swallowing, it breathes using a small tube under the tongue that connects to the lungs.After eating up to 80% of its body weight in one meal,it drags itself to a sunny location to speed digestion, as the food could rot and poison the dragon if left undigested for too long. After digestion, the Komodo dragon regurgitates a mass of horns, hair, and teeth known as the gastric pellet, which is covered in malodorous mucus. After regurgitating the gastric pellet, it rubs its face in the dirt or on bushes to get rid of the mucus, suggesting, like humans, it does not relish the scent of its own excretions.

Possibly interesting, but completely DISgusting.

Bashar al-Assad is SO physically unattractive. What happened to his chin? Did he gas it? And why would anyone remotely sane sport a mustache so utterly reminiscent of Hitler?

OK! To the good stuff. Today was good but looong. As such, I was extremely excited to find one last batch of short rib ragu in the freezer and some wide egg noodles in the pantry. Ol and I had just purchased a gorgeous bunch of kale, and so...T and I enjoyed noodles and ragu and a raw kale salad with garlic oil, sultanas, tomatoes and young chevre. An awesome, slap your mamma, kinda meal.


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