Chutney, Burned Eggplant, Yummy New Fall Salad

This is just so darn easy and so darn good. Yum! I made this in anticipation of Thursday's afternoon tea as 1/3 of the sandwiches will be sharp cheddar, chicken and this. Delish! For dinner, I burned the fresh eggplant (right on the stove top burners) bought yesterday at the farmers market. You can really tell a difference in ones just picked- they were so good and fresh. And the pom seeds are a pretty touch and a nice textural addition. Here's how burned you want the melanzane before you peel and chop the flesh. And here's the final product.

After reviewing Yotam's recipe for the kohlrabi salad, I decided to go in a slightly different direction, and I was quite pleased. It's a wonderfully Fall salad: kohlrabi (like a radish; in the picture is a purple one in front of a green one), daikon, cherry radish, green apple, hazelnuts, dried cherries, avocado, garlic, lemon, olive oil and rice wine vinegar! All served with fresh bread from the oven. I'm stuffed but in a lovely, hearty way.