Punk'd by Oliver?

I'm slightly steamed right now.  As you might know, last week was veerrry long with O sick and not sleeping. I was thrilled that this morning O seemed back to normal and eager for school. He had a great day, took a good nap and afterwards we took a walk to throw pennies in a nearby fountain. On the way home, he started complaining of a bad stomachache. I made him some toast because he hadn't eaten since breakfast but he wah-wah'd and wouldn't really eat it. He whined the whole way to get Jack, and I was so freaked out that I called the doctor and made an emergency appointment for the afternoon. We get to school, he jumps out of the car and starts dancing and says he's fine. Y'all, he better have had a raging case of gas. On the drive home, we had a big talk about not tricking Mommy about scary things like health. Good lord.