Cherry Cheesecake and it's a wrap

I am gonna tell y'all that this week has felt really long. Not bad but just rather endless. Today alone I made four round-trip drives to the kids' school, went out to lunch with mom and a friend, finished up this gorgeous cherry cheesecake for a catering order and applauded DC's Department of Sanitation for coming for the first time in two weeks. These sour cherries are some of the last I pitted and flash-froze last summer. Cherries, sugar, a grind of black pepper...perfection atop a creamy cheesecake. Boy am I getting excited for spring and summer produce. My jam supply is getting low, my canned tomatoes are gone and I am eager for all the warmth ushers in. Still a long way off really but at least I can look forward to weekly farmers market trips and canning sessions.