Community Pick news, static cling & other burrs in the bum

Happy to report that my Chicken with Caramelized Sumac Onions, Preserved Lemon and Israeli Couscous was chosen as a Community Pick on Food52 yesterday. Thanks so much for the lovely review and the honor!```````

People, what, pray tell, is more annoying than static cling in newly laundered clothes?

Other than paper cuts (why?!), bad coffee (no excuse in this day and age), painful flatulence (ow and yuck!), my dog barking every damn day at the mailman and package delivers (will he ever become immune to these daily, non-threatening events?), waking up for any reason in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, sand in my crevices at the beach (bathing suit manufacturers should make suit bottoms adhere to our bums so that this doesn't happen), one of a pair of socks that goes missing (inexplicable), spammers that do not abide by remove me now unsubscribe messages (you should be sued, all you bots and ignorers), and potholes (isn't asphalt an old technology? can't potholes be largely avoided in modern times?).

But back to static cling. Folding laundry is an endless and tedious task (I swear my dryer operates like Strega Nona's pot before she says the magic word) not made quicker or more fun by T's poly-blend exercise shirts sucking into their sleeves all of my family's socks and the dryer balls whose purported result is no static cling. It is especially insulting to be shocked repeatedly by the static when trying to loose the individual items from the ensnared mess of a prison. Frankly, this is why I let T do as much laundry as possible; he seems not to mind and I can avoid some irritation.

It's the little things.