Chaia DC taco lunch, palmiers & eclairs too

Per the usual, Ol and I went to the farmers market this morning. His plan was to hit Bonaparte in search of eclairs and/or raspberry palmiers and then, if neither were available, make our way to Pleasant Pops for a chongos popsicle. Last resort should that be a strike-out was to finish the marshmallow/gum drop creation Jack made yesterday at Spring Fest, despite the fact that it languished in the car overnight and had been held by at least four different pairs of hands before that. I felt options A, B and C were far superior, but Ol seemed thrilled by any that came about. In luck, we found both eclairs AND palmiers so, naturally, bought both. While Mr. ate his palmier, I took a bit of the eclair, walked him by EcoFriendly Foods for ham hocks and tasso (red beans & rice a'coming), then down a few stalls for baby beets and some lovely carrots (by then Ol had finished the palmier so switched to a carrot) and finally down to Chaia for a taco plate for my lunch.

We sat down in the grass to sup and then felt it was such a beautiful day that we'd best finish that eclair while relaxing. Very, very satisfying.