Grilled swordfish, last night's risotto (better!), a pie for two

This afternoon was a beautiful one, and we spent a while at the boys' school's Spring Festival. We all enjoyed seeing so many friends, and Jack even gave me a tour of "the ditch" in which he and one of his good buddies spend many a recess "excavating quartz" and generally making life miserable for all the ants they encounter. The "ditch" is really just the downward slope of the grassy edge around the playground. It's up to a few feet deep in spots and full of fabulous tree roots; I can see why they enjoy it, and our hand-in-hand tour made me smile. Once home, we caught the Kentucky Derby -is the horse not a most magnificent creature? Stunning, elegant, all muscle, grace on legs! Go California Chrome- read a book (Lost & Found by Oliver Jeffers; have you read it? It's beyond dear.) and put the very tired sweeties in bed.

When J and I were at the store earlier today, the fish department had a huge swordfish from which they were slicing fresh chunks. I picked up a pound which T cubed, marinated and made into kabobs which he then grilled. We served those alongside last night's risotto which, once rewarmed, was much improved, really to my surprise. You don't often hear of risotto that gets better with age! Of course I made a damn kale salad. Friend C recently told me I was sure to become a large head of kale one day; coming from Ms. almost-Vegan (she is one of my best friends but I think even she, as an almost-vegan) doesn't eat near the amount of kale I do), I took this as a real sign of just how public my ardor for kale is. ;)

I'd also gotten a small strawberry-rhubarb pie into the oven and it emerged just before we sat down to eat, meaning that when dessert time came, our little pie was cooled to the perfect degree of warmth and quite ready to be devoured. I bought this pie plate when I cooked for the Grands and thought wistfully of them tonight when I used it. I'll have to pay a visit very soon!

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