Barley, chicken and broccoli Asian-style, Bill and the debate tonight

I think Ann Coulter might consider suing Bethenny Frankel, because Ann herself is the original Skinny Bitch. Whoa. She's like a blond, horsey, mean, skewed mini-Rush or Sean. She is crazy. We're watching Real Time from Friday night, and she's the opening act. She thinks there isn't much in the way of racism anymore, that child pornography and abuse is a bigger problem. The latter is definitely horrible, but there is surely racism alive and present - MOST unfortunately- today. Also, she's a dodge artist of the most serious type. Answer a question? No. Be honest? Never. She's got her talking points down, that's for damn sure. But she is pathetically and scarily and despicably dishonest. Darrel Issa makes me furious. What a condescending, coiffed bulldog.

In the meantime, our dinner was definitely good. I made roasted broccoli with a glaze of ginger, soy, sesame oil, rice vinegar and garlic, and a barley salad with chicken, cucumbers, scallions, and peanut sauce. Fab!