Debate 2

Truly, is Romney seriously able to look himself in the mirror each day? How does Ann stomach the site of him? Did she know she was marrying a vacillating windsock who lies with abandon, who smirks with glee, who is so enamored with himself that he nearly twitches when someone applies rules to him? How is god's name is he going to pay for ANY of his grandiose ideas? I am so offended by his wild fibbing, by his refusal to respect American voters by providing them with any detail, by refusing to acknowledge any facts. I've never considered voting for Romney at all, but truly, I cannot understand why anyone voting for anything other than tax havens would. I really don't. Don't Americans care about their less fortunate fellow citizens? Doesn't anyone have any empathy or civic commitment anymore? If you do, you'd never vote for this blowfish clown. This kind of meanness is rooted in something evil. Whether or not it's conscious evil or a more subconscious relative, it's horrible. It's disconcerting. It's worrisome. It's demoralizing. The threads of this country's fabric are unraveling at a pace only equaled by that of melting polar ice caps. When did we become a country so dedicated to immediate gratification and selfishness that we'd short the future and our cohesion? Politics has become about much more than any one leader. It's become the saddest commentary on the dissolution of the foundation on which America was laid. Though I've been disappointed in Obama in a number of ways, I believe in my heart of hearts that he truly has the welfare of the country as his primary. I cannot in any way say the same for Romney, Ryan or really anyone in the GOP.