911 take-out

I just had to order take-out tonight as I am bushed, beat, done.  Good but extremely (!) busy day, and I just didn't feel like having anything more to clean up tonight. So, Cafe of India, thank you for being on your way with my goodies. Pindi Chole, Punjabi Tikki, Basil Mint Paratha! Jack has discovered a complete passion for watercress and cucumber tea sandwiches. He ate 7 small ones this evening. He also wore blue shorts, a green shirt and his cowboy boots on an evening walk and played the maracas the whole time. It was really a sight. Oliver was committed to a sourpuss mood all afternoon- you'd catch him smiling and he'd immediately put the bottom, sad-lip out and pout to beat sixty. Jesus. And I think both of them had a fever at some point (but at different times, naturally) today. Weird.

My food mill is coming tomorrow, and I'm inordinately excited. I'm going to mill apple butter like it's my job!

Do you need any sort of linens? The Company Store is not only having a good sale but also I found a 15% off + free shipping coupon code today. And that is on top of sale prices! Got all manner of lovely organic bedding for such a great price. If you need anything, check out with FAL8. Fab!

Have you tried Fiano di Avellino yet? It's such a lovely wine. I'm celebrating myself right now, yes I am. I was such a good mom today! Sold a beautiful cake and a delicious cornbread! Took the dog for 2 walks!