Em-i-list of the day

In addition to my previous comments about driving moves that drive me around the bend, here are 4 more:

1) When one driver, B, pulls up behind another, A, at a red light or stop sign but fully brakes ten feet behind A such that B is blocking the entrance to a driveway or new lane that emerges for right turns. You, C, are then stuck waiting behind lazy B instead of being able to turn in or turn right.

2) When you’re on a two-lane highway (two lanes in each direction) and the car ahead of you in each lane is driving not only slowly but also at the exact pace of their next-lane counterpart such that you are stuck behind both, fuming at Mr. Left Lane who should be snailing it with Mr. Right Lane over on his side.

3) When the driver in front of you (or your husband) does not have a stop sign at an intersection but fully stops anyway. To me this seems to be just asking to get walloped from behind, and in fact, I have hit my DH from behind for just this reason.

4) When the driver in front of you fully stops at the pedestrian cross walk even though there are no pedestrians in sight for miles. See sentence 2 in #3 for rationale here. I am all about pedestrians having the right-of-way WHEN there are pedestrians around.