Greek gigante beans- the kitchen smells to the heavens

I finally remembered to soak my beans over night, so at present my gigante beans are stewing away. Another reason you should read recipes in advance- sometimes the cook time is in many hours rather than minutes. So, it’s fortuitous that I decided to cook these this morning because they are supposed to simmer for nearly three hours. Big white beans, tomatoes, oregano, garlic, onions, EVOO, crushed red pepper…all just reducing down to saucy, unctuous yumminess.

You can serve these warm with some crusty bread or grilled seafood, or you can chill for a day, top with fresh dill and feta and serve as a cold salad. Fab!

PS- If you have not made the stewed prunes I keep talking about, you should. They are just SO good. I love to eat them plain but I think if you want to fancy them up, you could serve them around brie…