Andrew Breitbart is SUCH an a-hole

Did anyone watch Bill Maher last night? Andrew Breitbart is such a horrible, awful person. Karma, go get him, pronto!

I voted for and like Obama but will admit that I have been disappointed by some parts of his presidency. Nonetheless, can we please get over the ridiculously offensive questioning about his place of birth? And now, his schooling? What did he study? How did he do? People, he was the editor of the effing Harvard Law Review. That is almost unattainable for christ’s sakes. Breitbart contends that Obama wasn’t vetted. Are you effing serious? If George Bush had been vetted, he would never have been (not) elected. Was Palin vetted? Absolutely not. She’s an idiot who took many years and many colleges to finally get a degree. Her abstinence-only creed obviously didn’t work for crap, and she’s a hate-monger. Really people? Obama wasn’t vetted?

What is happening in this country? Is power really this much more important than truth? Take care of the citizens of this country? God I’m steamed.