Thank you and why I write

I am overwhelmed, in the very best of ways, by the deluge of beautiful responses I've received since posting Do you know? last night. 

I will admit to a nervous hand clicking "save and publish," a shaky heart wondering how my words would be received.

What I hoped for was twofold: a refreshing sense of getting feelings off my chest and connection with you; perhaps you'd understand, know exactly what I meant, feel less alone. What I didn't expect were your generous notes of thanks and "Yes, me too!" and "This resonates so powerfully with me." 

Via text, email, the comments and even in person today, I have heard from you. You've told me that you felt a lump in your heart, your throat, behind your eyes as the tears welled. That you sat in silence and felt moved beyond expectation. That you feel what I've written is brave and eloquent and real. That you know and feel it all too.

What I want to say to you is thank you. 

I am not a trained writer, and rarely do I sit down with a plan. I sit down to write because I need to. It is a drive that comes from deep within. I can only explain it like that.

I write to understand, to question, to figure things out, to better know myself. I write to unearth and illuminate truth, to attempt to pull the masking veils from expectations -societal, personal- that are absurd, antiquated, harmful, unfair. 

I write to hold myself accountable. I write because I love words and stringing them together makes me soul sing.

I write to connect, to comfort, to bear witness to and to stand up for things. I write to laugh and to make you laugh. I write to record. I write to release.

And then y'all show up and make everything even better. I am humbled and thankful and full today. Thank you!