Squash love, smart people

Today has been as calm as Wednesday was busy. Both wonderful, and three cheers for balance!

I found this morning that a recipe of mine, Roasted Delicata Squash with Bacon-Shallots, Pomegranate, and Yogurt Sauce, was chosen as a community pick on Food52. I adore this new photo of it. Thank you F52 and Mark Weinberg. 

As awful as this election has been, I have to say that there are some very.funny.very.smart.people out there making hilarious lemonade out of the preponderance of lemons DT is throwing at us. Observe, should you need/want a laugh.

Pretty much everything Alexandra Petri has written for the Washington Post.

And, the fact that someone purchased the URL nastywomengetshitdone.com which links DIRECTLY to hillaryclinton.com. GENIUS!

Roasted delicata with bacon-shallots and pomegranate

I dare say this is one of the prettiest things I've made in some time. The golden rings of roasted delicata squash are enlivened by the pomegranate arils and chopped scallion. I sauteed the shallots in bacon drippings and a splash of white wine, then added the sliced squash, and some broth. That all went into the oven for twenty minutes or so, and then I stirred in some pomegranate molasses before roasting another 5 minutes. In the meantime, I made a yogurt sauce with plain Green yogurt, pomegranate molasses, cinnamon, tahini and salt and let that sit and meld while the squash cooked. A nice lunch for me!